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    With over 90 years of collective experience in hosting and managing events, Tiso Blackstar Events is seen as one of the premier managers and organisers of events in South Africa.


    With the goal of providing events that leave guests thoroughly entertained and informed, Tiso Blackstar Events aims to host events that provide significant value and enjoyment.


    At Tiso Blackstar Events we aim to give companies the opportunity to host events that can be run and managed in a professional manner by a team dedicated to the art of running events from start to finish.

    Tiso Blackstar Events is a division of Tiso Blackstar Group which is a global company with its roots in Africa, operating market-leading media, broadcast and retail marketing properties. The group has strong exposure to the rapidly growing digital, broadcast and mobile markets, with a leading position in South Africa and a broad footprint across Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.


    Various Different Sectors

    Business and Leadership

    Events that are dedicated to the business sector and insights from the leaders of South Africa’s various industries and communities.

    Finance and Investment

    Bringing together thought leaders in the finance and investment industry to open fascinating dialogue and interactions.

    Media and Marketing

    Find new ways to reach customers through sharing in the wealth of knowledge from the media and marketing industry.

    Public Sector

    With a focus on the public sector and its impact, these events aim to give insights and valuable knowledge to all attendees.


    Host a wide variety of events such as food tasting, exclusive experiences and networking opportunities.

    Bespoke Events

    Create and host events that are created and personalised with your customers and clients in mind.

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