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Driving me Crazy

Event Planners: What drives our Venue Partners super-crazy?

We #eventprofs are a little blind when it comes to noticing our mistakes.

We see the mistakes that others make but we’re not so perceptive when it comes to our own.

And while they may not say it to our face, rest assured our venue partners are sharing the imperfect picture they see with each other.

And they’re not mincing their words!

Are you guilty of this?

Refusing to share the name of the client!

You call the venue for dates, rates and space, put the venue on hold but then refuse to share the name of the actual client stating that it’s “confidential”.

OK, so sometimes the client name actually is confidential but most times it’s not and your silence is driven by a lack of trust on your part or a desire for control.

Venues hate this as it puts them in a hugely difficult situation if another #eventprof calls about the same dates for the same client and they don’t know that it’s the same enquiry.

Read more at http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/10-things-venues-hate-about-eventprofs#6BxAtL1sOicYQBrR.99

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