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Essential tools every #Eventprof must have

Successful event planning is all about good organisation. As long as you have a good foundation – these essential planning tools will stand you in good stead to make your event a success.

All event planners have essential bits of kit that they wouldn’t be without and which help to make sure that their events run smoothly.  UK based, Mike Walker, is MD of MGN Events, a professional event management company, and he lives and breathes event planning and knows exactly what he needs to run a successful event.

He has put together the following list of his 9 “must have” tools that he uses on a day to day basis when planning events.

The “Must Have” Tools

1. Event Schedule

A copy of the event schedule and contact numbers for key people. This is essential when you’re working on site as you need to make sure you keep to the running order and know where your team are going to be needed and at what times.

2. Snacks for the Team

A cool box with snacks and drinks for the crew: Your team are likely to have been on site since early in the morning, setting up and preparing for the day ahead. We find that a cool box filled with energy drinks like Coca Cola and Red Bull together with easy to eat snacks will help to keep energy levels high and keep everyone going until the event is over, especially if you’re too busy and have to miss out on lunch or dinner!

3. A kit box with office essentials

Pens and paper, a tape measure, stapler, paper clips, drawing pins, scissors and sellotape. Although most of our lives are quite high tech nowadays, these sort of basic supplies are guaranteed to come in handy at some point or another.

4. First Aid

A first aid bag with plasters, scissors and bandages, painkillers, anti-histamine, and a first aid manual. It is best to be prepared so make sure you cover all bases right through from headaches to cuts acquired in the line of duty!

5. Mobile phones, spare batteries and chargers

Make sure you have a list of contact numbers or that you have programmed them into your phone so you can get hold of key people quickly and easily when you need to. Walkie talkies are an alternative option to ensure communication between key members of the team is quick and easy.

6. Gadget box

In the 21st century, we all need a box of tricks with those bits and pieces that always get forgotten – a multi charger cable, portable chargers and USB cables, HDMI leads for that presenter that didn’t bring one, a printer cable and a spare set of headphones.

7. A laptop or tablet

Essential if you need to make last minute amendments to Powerpoint/keynote presentations or you need to send a quick email out to a supplier. Also, useful for social media monitoring and updates during the day.

8. Washbag with essential toiletries

This may sound strange but when you’ve been working since early in the morning, you are going to want to freshen up at some point. We bring toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant, hairbrushes, a razor or make up and a pack of wet wipes. This really is an essential piece of kit if you are spending long days on site.

9. Hardware Toolbox

Prepare a toolbox which includes a screwdriver, Allen keys, cable cutters, cable ties, gaffa tape and electrical tape. It’s amazing how often you need these sorts of tools on site so we never go anywhere without a some basic tools and some quick fixes.

Source: www.mgnevents.co.uk

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