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Easy Tricks to Get More Results from Your Trade Shows and Events

Ask any trade show or event marketer their worst fear, and most likely, no-show attendees, damaged or missing environment elements, or shy staffers top the list.

Even with careful planning, there’s that sweaty palm feeling and heart racing that happens right before the proverbial curtain goes up.

Here are 4 easy tricks to make sure your next trade show or event achieves spectacular results!

Cast a Social Spell

Between attending sessions, walking the show floor, and finding time to handle work priorities, attendees have a packed agenda. 

You’ve probably heard the well-cited stat that 76% of trade show attendees decide what booths to visit before they even arrive at a show.

To secure a spot on attendees’ must-see list, marketers are getting more creative with their pre-show communications.

Moving beyond traditional direct mail and email to pre-registered attendees, social media can be a spellbinding way to increase awareness, promote activities, and build buzz.

  • Have your marketing or content team develop a series of pre-written/pre-approved messaging statements scheduled to auto-publish pre-, at-, and post-event.
  • Incorporate the event hashtag—even on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Create and use your own creative hashtag that puts a fun spin on your message and/or activity.
  • Designate a visible “social media command center” to encourage attendees to share.
  • Pre-event, provide teasers of what’s to come through compelling images and visuals.
  • At-event, ask your staff to share “in-the-moment” images and tweets—but of course not when they’re on booth duty!

Stopping at your stand

Encourage attendees to stop in at your booth.  Orient your structure so it’s facing the most trafficked aisle.

  • Avoid creating a large presence that blocks the rest of the booth and closes off sight into your booth—the equivalent of a closed front door.
  • Coach your staff and representatives to face out toward the aisle, welcoming guests with a warm smile and open body language.
  • Remind staff not to face in to the booth with crossed arms; that’s the trade show equivalent of a dark and shuttered house.
  • Use open spaces, warm lighting, comfortable seating, sound, and even scents (one of the newest trends) to communicate your booth is open for business. 

Carve Out Good Times

From simple activities to sophisticated technology-enhanced competitions, there are many different ways to use these strategies to create interest, build participation, and create a good experience.

  • Make sure your activity or game supports your goals and value proposition—an attract without a purpose won’t achieve your objectives.
  • Incorporate simple and clear messaging points throughout so attendees understand the connection between what they’re doing and what you offer.
  • Talk to an experienced face-to-face marketing agency to evaluate the pros and cons of self-guided versus structured activities.
  • Consider incorporating gamification strategies to tap into attendees’ competitive spirt.

Tempting Treats

Obviously, giveaways and grand prize drawings are popular incentive strategies at events and trade shows to encourage participation or drive a desired action.

  • A small supply of inexpensive giveaways for will satisfy their requests – while ensuring you don’t spend valuable time on an unqualified prospect.
  • Think carefully about what’s relevant for your desired target audience; consider “no-cost” alternatives like research, whitepapers, or exclusive insights to thank them for spending time with you (plus this is a perfect alternative for restricted industries or shows).
  • No matter the treat, an integrated promotion can help you hit that perfect sweet spot to generate word of mouth buzz.
  • Something wearable or easily spotted can lift your company awareness and recognition. 

Source : http://info.livemarketing.com

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