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Chocolate and Champagne

Daring Pairing : Chocolate and Champagne

Would you like to add sparkle to your year end function?

Then how about a chocolate and champagne (sparkling wine) tasting – 2 champagne and 2 chocolates?

Or perhaps even a wine and chocolate tasting which is 6 wines and 6 chocolates?

Tasty Pairs, specialise in pairing, or combining the sensational tastes and flavours of the finest wines, chocolates and other delicacies – choose from a number of exciting tasty pairs that include Chocolate & Wine, Cake & Champagne, Chocolate & Liqueur.

Plus try other tastings, such as :

Brandy and biltong

Champagne and nougat

Champagne and meringue

Whisky and cigars

Beer and biltong

A mobile venture in Gauteng, Tasty Pairs will put on a show at the venue of your choice.

A Wine Master will be on hand at each presentation for a magical culinary experience.

Using his industry expertise, he is able to explain why each pairing works well, sharing his knowledge and personal anecdotes with guests.

Tasty Pairs are perfect for any year end party,  corporate function, golf days, product launch and team building event.

For further information, contact Laura on 082 258 1863.


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