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Creating Virtual Décor with Lighting

With technology improving the quality and available options, event planners can use lighting effects in many new and exciting ways. A few things to look for …


No longer confined to spotlights and gobos, a lighting professional can completely transform a space to create the perfect mood, energy, image and décor for special events.

Add, hide or disguise venue features

Many planners discover that the perfect venue just doesn’t exist. Factoring in budget, location, catering, capacity and many other requirements, planners often end up choosing the best option while compromising in other areas.

For some, this may mean having their space broken up by obtrusive columns. For others, it may require segmenting a ballroom with unattractive air-walls. For still more, it means working with garish wallpaper or carpeting.

Today’s lighting effects can cleverly hide, minimise or play up different features to conform the space to the planner’s vision. Some can shine in a way that alters the colour or smoothes over the pattern of existing walls and flooring.

Others focus attention away from the unattractive feature or alternately call attention to it while making it more beautiful.

Create a physical reaction

Clever designers have known for generations how color can impact mood and energy levels. Some colours create a serene and calming environment while others inspire action and intensity.

Today’s lighting can also include motion such as swiftly swirling patterns or slowly evolving images. With the help of a lighting technician, a variety of spotlights can direct attention toward key elements such as a grand entrance of the guest of honour, a first dance, a toast or speech, a cake cutting and more.

Colors and speeds can be changed to create a visual transition from dining to dancing.

Stretch the décor budget

While allocating funds to various décor elements, planners often find that compromise is necessary. Floral arrangements, designer linens, draping of ceilings and walls, all start to add up.

However, with just a few well placed lights, a plain white table cloth can change into almost any color, an inexpensive floral arrangement can pop with the vibrancy of a far more expensive one, and a stage can shine as the centerpiece in the room.

Using the right lighting company to create virtual décor can allow a savvy planner to get more impact from the items selected.

Source : http://www.artisticconceptsgroup.com/

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