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Century City Conference Centre and Hotel share their stance on Cape Town’s water shortage

Century City Conference Centre and Hotel share with our readers their stance on the current water crisis in Cape Town.

Cape Town’s widely reported water crisis should and cannot be a deterrent to your conference at the Century City Conference Centre this year. The region is suffering from a severe drought but it is business as usual at our world class facility, our doors remain open and there will be water in our taps.

Our position is as follows:

The Constant Re-evaluation of Day Zero:

1. Residents and the agriculture sector in the region are working tirelessly to reduce their water usage and every litre saved means an extension for the City of Cape Town’s supply of potable municipal water.

2. The exact date when the ordinary supply of water may be cut changes according to the amount of water consumed by the city each day. Current forecasts are around the 9th July 2018 however our winter rainfall is usually between May and August each year therefore we anticipate this date being pushed back even further.

Our Taps will Flow – Regardless:

1. It still remains to be seen whether tourism-related institutions will in fact have their taps turned off, even post the unlikely event of Day Zero arriving. According to Tim Harris, CEO of the City and Province’s official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency Wesgro, authorities are planning to do the necessary to protect this industry. Tourism, as a critical pillar of the regional economy, is one that the State and private sector will work tirelessly to shield from attrition with the objective of expanding its contribution to GDP this year.

2. Harris notes the current disaster management plan includes state authorities proclaiming hotels and conference venues to fall within “business protection zones” in the event that storage dams reach cut-off level. Please see here for further details: http://city-press.news24.com/Voices/tourists-make-a-vital-contribution-to-economy-even-during-drought-20180201

3. The importance of the tourism industry’s financial contribution to the fiscus aside, our conference centre and hotel also fall within the secure boundaries of the Century City Precinct, the most concentrated city business node outside of Cape Town’s CBD. And as with the CBD authorities are currently indicating that these essential economic zones will not be cut off even should Day Zero arrive.

4. That said… Our planning to create a sustainable water source, independent of the municipal supply, continues by means of borehole and/or an on-site filtration plant.

Green Design Equals Sustainability:

1. It is easy to go greener when you started off that way. The Century City Conference Centre and Hotel was purpose built to conserve resources, and it is officially rated a 5-star Green Building.

2. Among the water saving measures already part of the existing structure are a dual piping system that allows for grey water to be used for flushing toilets. Our centre is one of only a handful in the world to feature this sort of water-saving innovation.

3. Storage tanks – that carry enough water to service the entire facility for two days at constant water pressure – are also already in place on the rooftops.

4. To help guests reduce their use of water, flow restrictors are installed in every hotel bathroom, along with shower timers that sound a brief alarm after two minutes of water flow.

Looking after Our Staff so They Look After You:

1. Should Day Zero arrive, the Century City Conference Centre and Hotel realises the toll that the lack of water will have on our dedicated staff who work round the clock to ensure all guests both in the conference centre and hotel enjoy a superlative standard of service.

2. We will therefore provide each staff member with enough take-home water per day for drinking and food preparation, and as well as transport to get the water home.

3. Staff meals are provided on a daily basis, and there are on site shower facilities.

The Broader Picture of Job Sustainability & Economic Development:

1. There are high-level meetings underway regarding the protection of the industry and to assuage and answer questions that visitors may have about whether they should be travelling to Cape Town during this period.

2. It would be a massive mistake to lose our tourist income. Businesses would have to shed staff and the impact of that would be unthinkable when unemployment remains high.

3. We must all work together to maintain an industry that directly and indirectly employs more than 300 000 people. To lose that number of work opportunities would place immense stress on the economy.

4. We encourage a spirit of working together to grow the sector despite the drought.

With the above in mind, we guarantee a safe and secure environment for all our hotel and conference guests and have no doubt that we will keep our taps flowing responsibly. That said, we need your business to ensure Cape Town and South Africa’s continued economic stability.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city! Glyn Taylor & Gary Koetser Joint CEO’s

Source : Century City Conference Centre and Hotel

Above article in pdf format as supplied by Century City Conference Centre and Hotel :

CCCC&H Drought messaging – updated 22 Feb 2018