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Association Meeting Planners: Earn More Respect!

The recession is still not over.  You’re still scrimping and cutting as you watch the price of F&B continue to rise.

You waited too long to book accommodation at your preferred venue and are shut out.

Your attendees demand more.

Your board doesn’t want to increase your budget.

You need more sponsorship dollars, especially to pay for costly new technology.

Sound familiar? If it does, you’re in the same situation as most association meeting professionals.

A flurry of industry surveys released in the final quarter of 2015 forecast remarkably similar and interlocking market factors affecting meetings in 2016.

These include strong overall performance; a growing demand for space at quadruple the rate of supply; tighter hotel cancellation policies; attractive pricing in secondary and suburban markets; rising food and beverage costs; and increased focus on compliance.

For planners, these trends mean more cost cutting along with demands for improved program efficiency and control.

Technology is cited as a major budget factor, with younger attendees driving a growing interest in tools, specifically meeting apps.

The adoption of online platforms that can track and monitor registration is also driving costs.

Association meetings managers who have strategic meetings management plans in place are better prepared to respond to these new realities.

Streamlined processes, mandated policies, vital data and transparency all contribute to efficiency, cost savings, increased buying power and risk mitigation.

These two skilled planners understand their individual association’s members and events intimately, are quick to implement change in response to feedback and trends they identify as important to their group, and speak up from positions of strength backed by solid but flexible strategic planning.

The ways in which they stand out are modest, but significant.

Source : http://www.connectyourmeetings.com

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