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UK Report: Event agencies must implement crisis policies

International event planners recently gathered to share best practices and listen to expert speakers discuss their own experiences of safety and security management. With the threat level across the UK currently at severe, agencies should have an overseas strategy in place before the event, speakers advised.

According to Colin McGregor, managing director of Tranquilico, a crisis management company, venues and hotels can’t always be relied on to have their own effective procedures in place.

“It is vital that agencies train their staff and carry out their own checks onsite. Train people and test your procedures in full simulations with cameras, journalists, social media updates and calls from relatives. Make safety checks onsite yourself.”

He added that it was important to communicate crisis information to delegates pre-departure. “You also need to establish your role vs a corporate department and a local DMC by communicating the different responsibilities and roles. For example, who will be handling media in a crisis?”

Also speaking at the event was Chetan Shah, CEO and founder of micebook, who emphasised the need to act quickly in an emergency. “In the event of a crisis, get everyone into the office and start liaising as soon as possible. Communication is a huge part of dealing with these situations. If you are not media trained, you should employ a PR company- it is also vital to provide a sympathetic response to families,” he said.

Source: www.citmagazine.com

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