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Action Stations

Action Stations

What’s trending in the food department at events ?   More and more we’re hearing about Action Stations.  If your buffet plans include action or demonstration stations, select foods for these stations carefully.

They should add something more than simply another menu item.


Guests enjoy these stations because they see them as a customer experience; foods are made, sliced, or presented to their order as they watch.

Highlight the special talents of your staff as they make crêpes and fill them or carve a steamship round of beef.

They are also a good way to introduce interaction between the guests and the staff.

For example, a cheese display staffed with a knowledgeable attendant is effective not only as far as serving the guests is concerned, but it also increases the chances that the guest will return.

These stations add to the overall cost of the buffet because you have to have one person dedicated to this station and this person must have the skills to execute the preparation on the station.

Also, there may be special equipment needed to produce the item, such as an induction burner or extra refrigeration.

Action stations can now be adapted to encompass nearly any food item on a menu.

New developments in equipment such as the induction burner have expanded the possibilities for the items that you can feature on an action station.

With the new items that may be featured, the skill level required to work on an action station can be high.

Action stations can even have more than one person working on a single item.

For instance, in order to create an appetiser of potato blinis with smoked salmon and caviar, one person may be sautéing the blinis while the second person is slicing the salmon and plating the appetiser.

Action stations are expanding beyond the buffet as well.

Action stations can be featured at an event that features passed hors d’oeuvre; the chef could make the hors d’oeuvre at an action station in the dining room for the service staff to pass to the guests.

This eliminates guests having to wait in line for food and still gives them an attractive presentation that they are sure to enjoy.

Restaurants that have open kitchens feature a sort of action station. The chefs are making food for customers in full view and must keep the same level of quality and cleanliness as a station in a buffet.

Some restaurants that have chefs making tapas to order for bar customers have action stations.

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