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AAXO Roar Awards on track for Wed 26 Jan!

The first AAXO Organiser and Exhibitor Awards, ROAR is being held on 26 January 2017. As a joint awards venture, the inaugural ROAR and EXSA-llence Awards are perfectly positioned for two much anticipated industry award ceremonies to take place under one banner.

The awards have been divided into two sections: an exhibitor section and an organiser section. This is particularly significant within a local context, as it is the first time that exhibitors enjoy the opportunity to enter their work into a variety of categories and bask in the recognition that they deserve.

“AAXO recognises the immense impact that exhibitors have on the exhibition and events industry, which is why we made it our mandate to honour them in our awards,” explains Carol Weaving, AAXO chairperson. “Without exhibitors there are no stands to build and there would not be any exhibitions either.”

“It is not only the local exhibition and events industry that will be benefiting from what promises to be a glamorous affair,” explains Amanda Cunningham, AAXO Board member. “The South African Guide Dogs Association will also receive some of the proceeds of the event.”

Entry submissions closed on the 18th January 2017.

Source : www.AAXO.co.za

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