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7 Hot International Meeting Destinations for 2016

International events offer a chance for both planners and attendees to broaden their horizons.

With help from Philip Eidsvold, SITE Vice President of Business Development and a 14-year industry veteran who’s currently an account director at Aimia, herewith seven inspired choices for international meetings from Site.

Warsaw, Poland
High prices in Western Europe are pushing planners farther east to thriving cities like Warsaw. “It’s a good value and fairly easy to get there,” notes Eidsvold.

Poland’s capital is filled with eye-catching architecture, symbolising the city’s efforts to rebuild from its tortured past.

Panama City, Panama
Once known only for the canal, Panama is gaining traction for its increasing airlift.

SITE will bring its global conference to Panama City this year, playing off infrastructure improvements and new high-end venues like The Westin Playa Bonita Panama.

Your event could have a storybook ending in Prague, also known as the “Fairy-Tale City.”

Using that theme, romance attendees with Prague’s cobblestone streets, bridges and iconic castles.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenia’s capital is an up-and-coming destination bordering Italy, Austria and Croatia.

“It’s a handy destination” in that regard, says Eidsvold. The city is also central to many scientific and research institutes.

Eidsvold says terrorist attacks like those in Paris last year could happen anywhere.

Still, there may be some pushback over the City of Light for now, making it easier to negotiate venue rates and F&B as the city recovers.

Delhi, India
While the culture and experience of Asia are tough to beat, there’s a practical reason to head to Delhi: The area around Indira Gandhi International Airport is filled with Western chain hotels like JW Marriott and Radisson Blu.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Wow Air, a hip budget airline, is practically giving away flights to Iceland from Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C. The country’s natural beauty, including hot springs and the Northern Lights, is the real draw.

Source : Site
Source : www.connectyourmeetings.com

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