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6 Excel formulas, tips and tricks for event planners

Excel is the bane of many professional’s existence and it is a godsend for many others. For event organisers who are interested in managing an event, there are often tools better suited for event planning tasks than Excel.

However, there are some scenarios where Excel (or other spreadsheet tools that function similarly like Good Sheets) is the ideal platform to manage contacts, analyse data and much more.

This article will show you how to put various Excel formulas to use in order to accomplish common event planning tasks.

Learn more about :

1. COUNTIF Formula
2. AVERAGEIF Formula
4. VLOOKUP Formula
5. Insert A Smart Checklist
6. Calculate Days Remaining With IFERROR Formula

While Excel can be a challenging tool to master, undoubtely it can help solve many common event planning problems.

Try using these formulas to get a grasp on the event planning process.

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