5 Tasks To Complete After Every Event

The event has come to an end and there are now other pressing matters to attend to. 

But, before you move on it’s vital to complete and close the file of the last event.

What should you do ?

Thank your suppliers.  

This is especially important if a supplier (vendor) went above and beyond your expectations or if the client was difficult.  

A simple email is fine but you can also send a hand written thank you note for a job well done.

You can also thank them on their Facebook business page for their future clients to see.  

If a vendor did not do a good job, you may want to give the vendor feedback on how they could have done better.  This can be a tricky situation and you will have to use your best judgment with each situation.

Clean out client planning binders and archive online folders.  

If you use a binder for each of your clients, save any contracts or important notes to file in a filing cabinet or other folder then clean out the binder to use for future clients – yes, recycling is good! 

Create an “archive clients” email folder and “archive clients”  folder on your computer to put all past events and past client information.  You never know when you will need to look back on notes from a previous event.

Save them for at least one year.

Follow up with clients to ask about their experience.

It’s always helpful to follow up with a survey or email to get your client’s feedback on the event.  

Sometimes your perspective on the event may be different from the client’s perspective.  

This is also a good time to thank your clients for choosing you as their planner.

Ask for a testimonial or review.  

If you know the client was happy with your planning services, ask for a testimonial and keep on your personal file – you never know when you may be asked for a reference.

Ask for professional photos from the photographer.

Follow up with the event photographer a few months after the event to obtain professional photos for your portfolio, website and blog.  

Most photographers will give you digital images to use as long as you credit their work when you use the photos.  

This helps promote their business as well and encourages you to recommend the photographer to future clients.

If the event was especially note worthy, talk with the photographer about submitting the photos for publication to a magazine or blog.

Source : http://www.plannerslounge.com

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