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3 Ways to invigorate your Incentive Trip

Here are three ways to breathe life into your incentive trip …

Make use of the local talent

It may seem obvious, but it is not always done. Make the most of the local talent, customs and cuisine of the country you visit. That’s why you’re there – to experience THEIR country. When in Rome…

It’s the little things that count

How often have you been to an event and it’s been the coffee, or the parking that have stuck in your mind.

Little things can easily create either a bad or a good impression.

Use this to your advantage and consciously plan a couple of really nice little things.

Use state-of-the-art technology

Technology has become pervasive, and, even if they’re in the middle of nowhere, delegates expect it.

Build the use of technology into your incentive programme plans.

Source : http://www.gcdconsulting.co.za/

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