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15 Traits You’ll Need To Land that Association Job

What qualities are association CEOs looking for when they hire meeting managers?

Here are 15 skill sets recently given by a leading panel of international experts at a session called “Associations in 2015 and Beyond”

1. Be customer- and member-focused, not silo-focused. Have a passion for customer service.

2. Work cross-functionally toward shared goals.

3. Have strong communication skills and be able to communicate with many different levels of staff and volunteers.

4. Be articulate.

5. Be good with budgets and numbers, understand the financial side and how the business runs.

6. Play well with others.

7. Have good listening skills, especially when it comes to members.

8. Analyse and deliver.

9. Assess risk both financially and reputation-wise.

10. Have cultural sensitivity, be able to run a global organisation or department, and be able to work across multiple time zones.

11. Have curiosity.

12. Display leadership and the ability to help manage change.

13. Having a Certified Meeting Professional designation is key. One CEO suggested that in 10 years an MBA will be required for the job.

14. Enthusiasm is essential.

15. Evaluate what you’re good at and put those skills to best use.

Source : Deborah Sexton, president and CEO of the Professional Convention Management Association : http://meetingsnet.com

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